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Shade Sail Cleaning

Commercial Shade Sail Cleaning Service

Sydney South | Sutherland Shire | Georges River | Inner West

Welcome to our shade sail cleaning services removing all unsightly mould and algae from your shade sail restoring them back to there former glory, we service Sydney South, Sutherland shire, Georges river, sydney inner west and canterbury bankstown council areas.

Our commercial shade sail cleaning caters for schools, day car centres, public pools, parks, sporting complexes, pubs, clubs, motels, work place eating areas.

When exposed to dust & moisture, shade sail cloth may appear grey and look like mildew which gives the appearance that the fabric is rotting.  This is not the case; it is the dirt & moisture which is trapped in the knit pattern which gives this appearance.

Our periodic cleaning of shade cloth fabrics will stop the build-up of dirt particles.

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